The Run WEST COAST 2012 - Moving Natural Medicine Forward

Jonas Ely’s Story

Jonas Ely | An American Natural


Although I was born and raised in Alaska and consider it “home”, traveling and seeing new places is one of my favorite things to do. So when my Uncle Dennis invited me to join him on The Run across America it didn’t take long for me to decide that it was an adventure I couldn’t pass up. As for the running part, I had run cross country in elementary, middle and high school. I was a natural runner but as I got older, I found I didn’t really enjoy the competitive part that the meets entail. However, running 25-30 miles a day, with a family team and at our own speed seemed a great way to run cross country!

My family and I have always been very active and I grew up playing soccer, hockey, basketball, and tennis. I love to frolf (Frisbee golf), fish, camp and snowboard. I have found that playing team sports when you are younger gives one a schedule and routine that is harder to maintain once you are on your own. My parents have always encouraged me to be active and keep moving regardless of my schedule. Clearly my new schedule and routine of being on The RUN has made it easier to get the exercise that my body is thriving on now!
One reason that I am so interested in promoting the use of natural medicine through this run is that I have personally witnessed the benefits of integrative medicine. My mother has used Naturopathic doctors, takes supplements, and receives massage therapy and acupuncture along with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy in her treatment of ovarian cancer. Alaska is one of only 16 states that have licensed N.D.’s available and my mom was already aware of the benefits of natural medicine before her diagnosis. It is our goal that Americans throughout the country become more aware of their options for natural interventions and treatment regardless of where they live.
I have taken this semester off school and my pursuit of a degree in therapeutic recreation at Chico State University to participate in The RUN. I believe that everyone, regardless of their physical or mental abilities, should have access to an active life style. I look forward to visiting other college campuses across the US and talking with university students along the route of The RUN.
If you are interested in running part of the route with us, donating to support The RUNners and moving natural medicine forward, or just interested in finding out how we are doing…please stay tuned to our blog check up on Facebook.