The Run – West Coast 2012


Jeremiah Godby, 18, the youngest person to run across the USA, since 1928, ran again in the summer of 2012 – this time – alone and unsupported (meaning no support vehicle) – from the Canadian-American border in Washington State to Sacramento/Davis, CA – 1,000 miles, 32 miles per day, in 34 days.  He spent the nights in homes along the way, and gladly accepted food and drink to fuel his hungry and hard-working body – burning about 8,000 calories a day. He carried a few supplies with him.

Jeremiah completed his 3,100 mile cross country run from San Francisco to Bridgeport, CT, in The Run 2011, in November. The mission of The Run: Moving Natural Medicine Forward, is to transform America’s health through lifestyle change and natural medicine.

Jeremiah made the decision during the 2011 run across America to do the amazing 2012 run for the following three factors:  1. To continue The Run movement forward,  2. Running solo and unsupported would keep expenses for The Run 2012 to a minimum and would, in all likelihood, lead to significant media coverage for the cause because of his young age, and his running 1,000 miles without a support team or vehicle,  3. Raise awareness of natural medicine, generally, and naturopathic medicine, specifically, and The Run movement in the Northwest – the home of at least 20% of the NDs in America.

Jeremiah began running southbound from the Canadian border on Saturday, July 7, and end, Thursday, August 9, in his hometown of Davis/Sacramento, CA. His story of transformation captured the hearts of the Northwest, and possibly the entire nation. As a 17-year-old teen, Jeremiah weighed 210 pounds, was not a runner, and possibly on a path towards diabetes. But to inspire and challenge himself, Jeremiah made a surprise decision in the summer before his senior year of high school at DavisHigh School. He challenged himself to run for his high school cross country team, instead of, again, playing football. Through his training, he fell in love with running and also learned the discipline to eat healthier, which supported his running and weight loss goals. In the process, he lost 45 pounds which led to being invited to join his dad, brother and cousin, as part of The Run team. Over the course of The Run, after his dad was injured, he assumed leadership of The Run team. Jeremiah is ready and determined to inspire America, especially its youth, to live a healthier and more active life.

The Run 2011 was founded to raise awareness of naturopathic medicine throughout the nation, in primarily unlicensed states. The Run 201 largely focused on gathering momentum for The Run’s mission in three of the most significant states in the USA for naturopathic medicine: Washington, Oregon and California. All three states are: licensed for naturopathic medicine and homes for naturopathic colleges, BastyrUniversity(Seattle, WA), National College of Natural Medicine (Portland, OR), and Bastyr’s new Californianaturopathic college in San Diego, CA, opening  in the fall of 2012.

Jeremiah is fully committed to The Run and has taken the necessary steps to produce the widest impact possible.  Jeremiah turned 19 the day before The Run began; he was willing to put his youthful body and mind through yet another rigid, but necessary solo journey, for the health of the American people!