Dozen Ways To Help


A dozen things you can do right now to help!


1. Attitudinally, be inspired by difference-makers like MLK, Gandhi, that our collective actions and attitudes can transform the community.

2. Bracelet distribution throughout the course of The Run!

3. Contact your Circle of Influence in your community.

4. Donate per mile run (1,760 miles), at

5. Event coordination in cities along the route

6. Facebook, Twitter, other social media about The Run.

7. Give postcards to patients, friends, family, co-workers, etc.

8. House Jeremiah or Isaiah when they run through your town.

9. Inform media, and patients about The Run 2012

10. Jog with with Isaiah or Jeremiah along the route

11. Know that natural medicine and healthier lifestyles will merge as TRUTH, just as exercise and nutrition have the last 40 years.

12. Letters or calls to: mayors, Congressional reps, town leaders, to the editor of newspapers on the route of The Run.